Using graphite, coloured pencil and Pastels, I create unique artistic portraits to capture the soul of the subject. 

As a portrait Artist I create soft and subtle realistic artwork of pets, people and wildlife. Working from photos I capture the details and moments that you want to remember. 

I absolutely love to put my heart into creating bespoke artwork for my clients and creating something they truly love too.  You can find out more below about commissioning your own portrait below.

As well as creating custom artwork I am also inspired by the world around me and create original pieces that I also offer for sale as one off artworks, prints and greeting cards. 

These are are available to purchase through my online stores

Commissioning a Portrait

My main focus is creating beautiful bespoke artwork for you. I am passionate about creating art that elicits emotion and makes people smile, giving you something you can treasure.


 Commissioning a portrait is simple, all I need is a (high quality) reference photo to work from and to know what size and style you would like If you are unsure about any of the details you can find lots more information here on my site - see below-  or of course get in touch with any queries.

I offer portraits of people, pets and wildlife in colour pencil, graphite and pastel to suit your needs.

1. Decide on a size and style

2. Find or take your reference photo

3. Get in touch to book your commission and pay your deposit

4. Be kept up to date as your portrait progresses

5. Await your mounted portrait complete with Certificate of Authenticity

6. Leave a review 

About Me...

I grew up in London but I moved to Bedfordshire with my husband and two children to be closer to family and to nature! 

Drawing has been innate to me since I was very small - I have always needed to regularly pick up a pencil! After a 17 year long retail career, learning so much about myself, great customer service and working with all kinds of people I decided I wanted to turn my passion for drawing into my career - I wanted to spend my time doing what I love.

I would describe my style as warm and soft, I don't aim for perfect photo realism but capturing the likeness and soul of the subject is incredibly important to me - that's why I always start with the eyes!

I work to portray memories and special moments through my own artistic expression, I use colour pencil, pastel or graphite to capture the details you want to remember and treasure.

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