Hand Drawn Portraits by Sophie Louise

Creating beautiful one of a kind portrait art with great attention to detail and a focus on capturing the spirit of the subject

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"


I have always loved drawing but a lack of self confidence and a determination to become a Vet meant it was relegated to a hobby. It took falling into a customer service driven retail career and two kids to finally push me to persue my passion.

Drawing fills me with a deep sense of satisfaction, the ability to create something beautiful with relatively simple tools is endlessly inspiring.


I started with graphite and  I fell in love with the detail I could capture so when it  came to adding colour to my work colour pencil was a natural next step. 

Colour pencils are a fantastic artists tool allowing me to add layers of pigment to create a rich texture and still get the small details that bring a portrait to life. 

Browse my original artwork for sale, find a selection of fine art prints and find out more about commissioning your own unique bespoke portrait art of your pet, or favourite animal.

© 2020 Sophie Louise Creates Portrait Art

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