About Me 

I grew up in London but I moved to Bedfordshire with my husband and two children to be closer to my sisters . It was a bit of culture shock having always lived in the city but my little family are loving the community feel and being so much closer to wildlife. 

I am a huge people pleaser, nothing makes me feel better than knowing that I have made someone smile and helped to make their day just that little bit better and that is why I love creating beautiful artwork that warms peoples hearts! 

My Dad was a guilloutine operater and our house was always full to the brim with paper. That may have been one reason why, when sat in the pub with my Dad with a coke and packet of salt and vinegar crisps, I was handed paper and pencil to keep me occupied! I have one very specific memory of drawing a face and my Dads friend complimented my drawing and taught me about shading and not drawing every line. I remember feeling pleased that she had taken an interest in me and it felt nice being told I was good at something. 

I'm sure if that had not have happened I would still have had that urge to pick up a pencil but that feeling of people liking my artwork still fills me with that same sense of pride and acheivement I felt as a child. 

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