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My Mum and I 

The youngest of three sisters, I was born and raised in West London. I would describe myself as a shy child, I did ok at school and enjoyed drawing as a lot of young children do but my dream from as far back as I can remember was to become a Vet. I adored animals, esepcially dogs and would gravitate towards them at every opportunity - I still do! 

I also have a slightly obsessive personality, there are certain things I lock onto and love - Harry Potter, drawing and binge watching true crime series on Netflix among them. Being a Vet was one such obsession. From my earliest memories I focused my school career on this which led to me push aside some natural talents with English and Art and to instead choose subjects like Biology, Chemistry and Physics for my A Levels. That was a tough couple of years and the only subject I did well in was English Literature (thank goodness I kept that as an option!).  I also undertook lots of work experience with Veterinary practices and animal rescue centres which I loved!

As my Alevels hadn't gone to plan and a Veterinary career was no longer an option, I decided to look into a career as a Veterinary Nurse instead, while I was looking into this I started working for a lingerie retailer in Ealing and fell into a 15 year long retail career from a Part time fitting consultant all the way up to a retail Manager. I learnt a lot about myself in that time - I met the best friends you could ask for, I lost my Mum to Cancer, I lost my Dad, I married my best friend and we had two beautiful children together, I started to come to terms with the fact that I was living with anxiety and depression and my priorities started to shift.


That little shop in Ealing got me through some tough times and some incredibly fun times and I will be forever greatful that my path took me there but after I had my second child and my daughter started primary school I realised that I wasn't prioritising the right things. I was good at my job and, as someone who struggles to feel like I'm good at something, that was hard to walk away from but I decided to persue something that I was passionate about, something I loved doing and that made me happy. Throughout my life I have never stopped drawing, there were times when I did it more than others but it was always there as a support and an escape when I needed it. 

I took a course in Illustration and Digital Illustration and I started practicing my art more, I saw myself improving and in late 2016 I decided to start selling my artwork and 'Sophie Louise Creates' was born. I can hand on heart say that I didn't  initially put my all into it. I dipped a toe, nervous about what would meet me, nervous of failing, nervous of succeeding and battling with imposter syndrome but I persevered , I gained some confidence, I worked bloomin' hard and with the support of my family, friends and some amazing clients I have built something I am proud of and am excited about growing.


love being able to say I am an Artist (and no longer cringing a little waiting for someone to tell me I'm not!), I love putting my (slightly obsessive) passion to work and creating beautiful detailed artwork that makes people smile and fills their heart with a warm nostalgia, bringing just a bit more beauty into the world that wasn't there before. 

© 2020 Sophie Louise Creates Portrait Art

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