Take the Photo

I have just finished a commission and am working through another one combining photos of long lost grandparents with their grandbabies. As someone who has children with only one surviving Grandparent, this is truly close to my heart.

If you have ever looked into getting a portrait drawn/painted from your photos by me or anyone else you are likely to have seen that a good, clear reference photo is really important and it is. Clear reference photos taken in good light, that don't get pixelated when you try to enlarge them to see the details are an absolute dream to work with and enable the artist to get lots of unique details in and ensure a great likeness. So working from an old photo that isn't super detailed and doesn't do well being enlarged is tough, the finished piece isn't likely to look as detailed as it could do if the reference was great BUT... knowing what it's like to lose someone, knowing what its like to wish that your parents/grandparents could meet your children it is something that I pour my heart into and work really hard to make it look as good as possible. It is honestly an absolute honour and privilege to be able to create these pieces.

I decided to start a portrait of my Mum who we lost to Ovarian Cancer and the photos that I have of her are really poor quality 80s and 90s pictures, it really makes you see how amazing the photos we have today. If you've ever lost someone you will know what it's like when the memory of their face starts to fade away and all you have are their photos. How lucky are our babies that they will have wonderful clear photos showing every smile and every wrinkle. So even if you hate having your photo taken, hate smiling in photos, feel tired and exhausted and don't want that memory preserved... take the photo, print the photo, display the photo! Record those memories. Cherish those moments.

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