A Guide to My Portraits

Below I will give you a guide to the different types of portraits that I offer.

If you are unsure which type of portrait you would like please do get in touch so I can walk you through the options in more detail. 

Colour Pencil Portraits

This option is the most popular choice for pet portraits, using colour pencils really allows me to capture all the beautiful colours that make up the fur and give a beautiful depth to the portrait. I use lightfast, artists grade colour pencils and high quality archival paper (usually either Fabriano Artistico hot pressed cotton paper or Claire Fontaine pastel mat paper). The materials I use allow me to build up layers of colour and attain a beautiful level of detail. 

Pastel Pencils

Pastels will have a similar final look to colour pencils so are also a good choice for fluffy pets. They can be slightly richer than colour pencil and they tend to have a softer finish. Pastels work especially well for long haired and fluffy animals. I use high quality pastels and pastel pencils on Claire Fontaine Pastelmat paper.

Graphite Portraits

Graphite portraits have a classic, clean, timeless feel to them. Graphite pencils allow a soft level of detail focusing on tone and value. They are, by the nature of the medium, more simplistic and monochromatic than other choices. Graphite portraits work up more quickly than either colour pencil or pastel and this is reflected in the pricing structure.


These minimalist portraits are completed in graphite and focus on line and picking out certain details. These portraits are particularly popular for wedding portraits or portraits of small children. They have a whimsical, romantic quality to them that fits perfectly with those subjects. 

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