Meet the Maker!

August 25, 2018

Hello! If you ever wanted to learn a little more about me then read on! If not then, no hard feelings  but this isn't the blog post for you haha!



My name is Sophie Patel and, as my (very) pale skin may indicate, I am a Patel by marriage and we are actually about to celebrate our nine year (oh god where did the time go!) wedding anniversary!! 


I am an Aquarius and have lots of Aquarian traits.


I have two sisters and 4 nephews. 


My childhood dream was to become a vet but you have to be pretty clever for that and I didn't quite make the grade!! (at all actually- biology, physics and chemistry A level flew right over my head!)


My first real pet was an evil russian dwarf hamster who was also suicidal as he would climb to the top of his cage and throw himself off and broke his leg. He had an operation and became the tiniest three legged hamster ever!


Over the years other pets have included 2 dogs, a rabbit, a cat, 2 female rats (one of which was pregnant when I bought her and she went on to have 6 babies :-o) and later 2 male rats (technically my daughters...). My husband has allergies and we are currently petless :-(